Managing Slow Paying Clients

You have a lot on your plate. And we know one of the most difficult aspects of keeping projects on track is revenue control. Account Assistants understands the sensitive nature of revenue management, are knowledgeable about media accounts and your customers advertising or marketing goals. We address the difficult aspects of accounts and remain firm to your agreements with your customers to ensure your invoices are up-to-date at all times.
2014-04-10The Advertising and Media Industry is losing nearly $6.6 Billion in revenue each year More

About Account Assistants

Account Assistants is a division of Support Collectors Inc., a Minnesota Corporation and national Accounts Receivable Firm managing over $50 million in revenue annually since 1996. Account Assistants has serviced some of the nations largest Advertising and Media companies for 10 years, employs 20 Revenue and Account Assistants with a "zero complaint" culture.