How Many Invoices are 15 Days Past-due

Try us. For a low flat-fee we will contact your late accounts in your company name. We communicate with your client the same day you send us the account with a very friendly reminder. We have excellent knowledge of various media accounts including advertising and branding. We reference your documentation and hold your client to the contract terms. Our approach is firm but always positive. We provide you detailed reports on correspondence because our goal is to keep your customers active and your invoices paid on time.



Outsourcing can be scary. Not with us. We understand unique billing cycles. Outsourcing your invoice follow-up will not compromise your customer relationships. We provide a systematic approach to insure accounts stay on track. You are in control at all times. When you send slow-paid invoices that need follow-up we communicate with your customer on your behalf. If there is a dispute we will reference your terms and do our best to retain your customer while bringing your accounts current.

2014-04-10The Advertising and Media Industry is losing nearly $6.6 Billion in revenue each year More

About Account Assistants

Account Assistants is a division of Support Collectors Inc., a Minnesota Corporation and national Accounts Receivable Firm managing over $50 million in revenue annually since 1996. Account Assistants has serviced some of the nations largest Advertising and Media companies for 10 years, employs 20 Revenue and Account Assistants with a "zero complaint" culture.