How Many Accounts Are 60 Days Past-due

How Many Accounts Are 60 Days Past-due

We understand the unique circumstances of late accounts. We are professional, and your company's image
is always our top priority. Regardless of the dispute, rest assured, when your customer needs to discuss the
nuances of their account we will negotiate with respect and understanding. In many cases we find customers
appreciate an explanation as to why a particular advertisement or creative project may have not met their
expectations. Our goals is to educate customers and return them as performing accounts.



Our goal is to reactivate your customer and understand their situation. When accounts are 60 days or more past due
we locate and contact the right party to negotiate a resolution for outstanding balances and attempt to get
them back on track with your service. By law, before we make phone contact, we must send a legal notice of
collection. Collection calls typically begin 7-10 days after an account has been submitted. In the event that past due
revenue is not recovered in the collection phase, we will research to understand your clients situation through
an asset search. If the client has the ability to meet their obligations with your company but chooses otherwise, we
will provide legal support.

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About Account Assistants

Account Assistants is a division of Support Collectors Inc., a Minnesota Corporation and national Accounts Receivable Firm managing over $50 million in revenue annually since 1996. Account Assistants has serviced some of the nations largest Advertising and Media companies for 10 years, employs 20 Revenue and Account Assistants with a "zero complaint" culture.